About Esme

I was lucky enough to have grown up in the beautiful English countryside on a small holding, with 3 donkeys as big grass munching pets. The local riding school used to file past my house on a Saturday morning. I would stand up at the window wishing it was me riding with the big girls and boys. As I was only 3, my parents didn’t seem too keen on making this wish come true.

I had to wait until I was 5 to have my first sit on a pony, it was at a friends birthday party. I  remember I felt so high up and tall with the pony underneath me, she was so speedy, but we were working as a team. I knew then that I wanted to spend my life working with these beautiful and sensitive animals.

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Fast forward a few years and I’m lucky enough to say that I work with horses every day of my life. I try and use my channels to entertain, but also to educate about responsible horse ownership, welfare and increasing access of equestrianism to a wider audience. 

My channels represent my love of the countryside, animals, horses and riding, as well as the fitness and fashion. In addition I’m becoming more experienced than I ever imagined at DIY and interior design, as I’m bringing life back into a hundred year old cottage.

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